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Bali River Rafting Tour

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  • Bali River Rafting Tour
  • Bali River Rafting Tour
  • Bali River Rafting Tour
  • Bali River Rafting Tour
  • Bali River Rafting Tour

Adventures tour in Bali is really fun and may make your holiday become more memorable. One of recommended adventure to try is Bali River Rafting.

That is a fun navigation on an inflatable boat that be held along river route where you will conquer thrilling obstacles of rapids, get through some cascades, and maneuver in gaps between large rocks.

Is Rafting Adventure Safe?

All above are really fun but some of peoples probably have a question “is rafting adventure safe?”. The adventure is actually safe as long as you know some important basic information about rafting.

What are those things? Let’s find out all below!

River Classes in Rafting Adventure

Smile on rafting boat
Smile on rafting boat - Photo by @dekpuspa__

Difficulty levels of rafting adventure depend on river class. In general, the river for rafting can be divided into 6 classes namely:

  1. Class I: Easiest level that just need a basic skill of paddling.
  2. Class II: Novice level that exist some large rocks therein and need a basic skill of paddling and maneuvering.
  3. Class III: Intermediate level that exist some large rocks, small waves, and cascades (maximal 4 meters) along. And need a basic skill of paddling and maneuvering and also take a guide.
  4. Class IV: Advanced level that exist medium stream and waves, large rocks, and cascades (maximal 6 meters). And needs reliable skill of maneuvering and takes a professional guide.
  5. Class V: Expert level that exist many large rocks, heavy wave and stream, and very high cascades. Need an expert skill of maneuvering and only for the professional.
  6. Class VI: Extreme level that is really extreme and not recommended to try even for the professional.

In Bali Island, there are 3 popular rivers as for rafting spots namely:

  • Ayung River (Ubud) offers about 10 km route with difficulty levels in classes II – III
  • Telaga Waja River (Muncan Village, Karangasem) offers about 16 km route with difficulty levels in classes II – IV
  • Melangit River (Klungkung Regency) offers about 7.5 km route with difficulty in classes II – III

For first experience, you may choose Ayung River or Melangit River. Otherwise, Telaga Waja River is recommended for more challenging adventure.

Take care of your health

The rafter on an inflatble boat
The rafter on an inflatble boat - Photo by @semayucebas

Whenever you plan to go rafting, make sure to take care of your health before it. Caused the activity require you to conquer many obstacles along rapids that need a fit physical.

It can be prepared by doing a routine exercise and eating nutritious foods such as: fruits, vegetables, and so on.

Preparation of Clothes

You should prepare 2 sets of cloth preparation as during rafting and after the activity (a change).

During rafting, you can wear a set of casual clothes namely: t-shirt and short pants in fit size. It aims to ease you to move freely during rafting.

While for a change of cloth, you can also prepare a set of items above and put in your bag.

Avoid wearing Jewelries

Avoid wearing jewelries such as a bracelet, a necklace, and a ring during rafting. Because, the jewelries may fall off into river stream and will be difficult to find again.

Hence, you should remove and save them in your bag before rafting in order not lose it

Moreover, they may also make you have a trouble in moving.

Apply Full Equipment

The rafter who wear full safety euipment
The rafter who wear full safety euipment - Photo by @jools.sl

Need to know that rafting is categorized in challenging adventure. Hence, you should use full safety equipment during it.

In general, the equipment consist of:

  • Helm
  • Life Jacket
  • Elbow and knees pads

All above usually available in Bali Rafting Tour Package by adventure operators.

You should also make sure each items above in good condition and fit size for your body so that the adventure may be safe and comfortable.

Take a Professional Guide

Although river route you choose is easy as between classes I – III, it’s really recommended to take a professional guide.

Its existence may truly prevent and minimize an unexpected accident to happen.

The guide is also available if you book a rating tour package. So, you shouldn’t be confused where  hire him.

Do warming up

Before starting rafting, every rafter is really required to do warming up as: moving every joint in the body, running short, and jumping in place.

All be done for relaxing muscles in the body and also prevent them of cramps during rafting.

So, never pass to do warming up when you start rafting.

How to Sit and Hold a Paddle

Conquer rapids and cascades in Rafting Bali
Conquer rapids and cascades in Rafting Bali - Photo by @mchael.wei

Next, you should also know how to sit and hold a paddle during rafting.

Position of sitting on a rafting boat is different of others boat because it needs a good balance between right side and left side.

Hence, each side must be sat by one person in order to be balance. Meanwhile, how to hold a paddle that depends which side you sit.

For example: when you sit right side then hold on base of paddle (usually T-shaped) by left hand and on middle part of paddle by right hand.

Otherwise, when you sit on left side then hold on the base by right hand and on the middle part by left hand.

That’s also done to ease you with group in maneuvering and controlling the boat.


Well, above is all basic information about rafting that you should know. So, are you ready to leave for rafting.

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