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√ 5 Facts about Ayung River, White Water Rafting Spot in Ubud
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√ 5 Facts about Ayung River, White Water Rafting Spot in Ubud

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White water rafting Ayung River is one fun activity to do in ubud. The activity will challenge you to navigate and conquer some obstacles of rapids along Ayung River route.

For you who want to know about white water rafting Ayung River Ubud, let’s find out 5 the following fact!

  1. Its Location is Close to Ubud

    Ubud Center
    Ubud Center - source: wikipedia.org

Ayung River is located in Ubud Area, Gianyar Regency. You can access it easily by using a car or motorcycle to reach there.

If you depart from Kuta Beach, it probably needs to drive along approximately 35 Kilometers (1 hour 15 minutes).

  1. Favorite Rafting Spot in Bali

    Ayung Rafting Adventure
    Ayung Rafting Adventure - source: baliraftingadventure

As above, the location of Ayung River is close to Ubud center. That is one reason why the river is always chosen as a popular rafting spots.

You can try rafting adventure and visit some interesting places in Bali, namely: Ubud Monkey Forest  Sanctuary, Puri Saren Palace, and also Campuhan Ridge Walk.

  1. Challenging Rapid Route

    Rafting at Ayung River
    Rafting at Ayung River - source: tripadvisor.com

Ayung River is good for the beginner (even have no experience) it offers difficulty levels in classes II – III.

The classes mean the rafter will face a river route with small waves, large rocks, and cascade (under 4 meters).

The river has a length of 10 kilometers, it maybe take approximately 1.5 hour and 2 hour from start to finish point.

  1. Beautiful Hidden Waterfall

    Waterfall at Ayung River Rafting
    Waterfall at Ayung River Rafting - source: ganggabali

Not only challenging, Ayung River also offers stunning nature view, that’s waterfall. It can be found in the middle of the river route exactly on the side.

The rafters usually stop over to take a break and capture the moment in the waterfall background.

  1. Unique Stone Carving

    Carving Art at Ayung River
    Carving Art at Ayung River - source: tripadvisor.ch

Meanwhile, Ayung River is also well-known for unique stone carvings that stretch along 300 meters sides, and are created by 50 local artists.

The carvings illustrated about figures in Ramayana Story, which may impress your eyes during the rafting.

Okay, above are some facts about Ayung River. Will you try rafting adventure there?

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