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6 Items to Wear and Bring During White Water Rafting Bali

6 Items to Wear and Bring During White Water Rafting Bali

For you who want to try white water rafting activity in Bali, but still confuse for what to wear and bring when doing the activity.

You can find out the following tips when doing the activity by us. The tips will discuss about items to bring and wear as a preparation before joining into the tour.

Items to Wear

Fun Rafting Adventure in Bali River
Fun Rafting Adventure in Bali River

For comfortable experience, there are some items that you wear during rafting as follows.

  1. Casual Clothes

Along the route, the rafter probably sees challenging obstacles as an example is getting through a rapids with large rocks.

It surely requires you to move freely hence you should wear casual clothes (a shirt and a short pant) for freedom of movements.

Ubud River Rafting
Ubud River Rafting
  1. Sport Shoes or Sandal

Besides above, you should wear shoes or sandals when rafting. It’s helpful to protect your feet when having to walk at bottom of the river.

At the bottom, there are usually many sharp branches and small stones which may hurt your feet. 

Items to Bring

Bali White Water Rafting Adventure
Bali White Water Rafting Adventure

Besides that, you should also remember to bring some items which must be prepared before rafting as the items are:

  1. A Set of Clothes for Changing

Rafting is an activity that requires you to contact in the water and make your clothes become wet. Hence, make sure you prepare a set of clothes for changing after the rafting adventure.

  1. Plastic Bag

A plastic bag is useful to prepare because you will need it to bring your wet clothes when returning back to home.

Ayung Rafting Adventure
Ayung Rafting Adventure
  1. Sun Block

When you do rafting in the afternoon, your skin may be exposed to sunlight and make it becomes burnt. For preventing it, you can bring and apply a sunblock before starting a rafting activity.

  1. Waterproof Camera

If you want capture all moment during the rafting, you should remember to bring a camera in waterproof feature.

So, make sure you remember to bring some of items above for a comfortable rafting experience.

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