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Bali Rafting and Tubing Tour

Bali Rafting and Tubing Tour

Are you searching for the exciting tour in Bali Island? Perhaps Bali Rafting and Tubing Tour is a good choice for you.

The tour will take you to try two adventures such as: rafting and tubing, which both of adventures will be held in hidden rivers around Ubud area.

Bali Rafting and Tubing Tour

If you want to find out what experiences that may get into the tour, all will be explained below!

Rafting Adventure

Ubud Ayung River
Ubud Ayung River

Rafting or white water rafting is an adventure that involves you along river navigation on an inflatable boat.

The inflatable boat may be boarded by 5 – 6 persons, while holding a paddle to control the direction of boat.

For the tour, we will take a spot in Ayung River where it’s located around Ubud area. The spot is about 10 kilometers long-route and being on rapid levels in classes I – III.

The classes I – II means you will face some large rocks, small waves, cascades (under 4 meters) along the river.

For more detail, clicks on level classes of Bali rafting.

Tubing Adventure

Bali Tubing
Bali Tubing Adventure in Ubud

As rafting, tubing adventure will be also held along the river around Ubud.

However, the boat for tubing is smaller than rafting’s boat, which it is just boarded for 1 -2 persons.

Each participant doesn’t also need to bring a paddle to navigate. Just sit on your back and follow along river flow.

During navigation, you may see and explore the beauty of nature along sides of river.

Inclusions in the Tour

In our tour, we have includes some facilities such as:

  • Hotel transfer
  • Welcome drink
  • Safety equipment
  • Guide
  • Lunch
  • Shower
  • Insurance coverage

Items that Should Bring

  • Sunblock
  • Change of Cloth
  • Extra Money
  • Plastic Bag (for wet clothes)

How to Book

Perhaps you want to book the tour, please send text or call us via the listed contacts below!

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